An expert wine maker from France is in on our little secret. The Knowledge that he's acquired, through generations of wine making, is used to make sure that each and every grape is handled with the utmost care. Grown to perfection. Destined to be a great wine. The care we take extends to everything around our grapes. The bottles, the machines and even the environment. Solar panel are used to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Our state of the art Italian machines are treated with the highest respect. Our bottles are rigorously cleaned to scientific precision with only the best of materials. Our attention to the minutest of detail, helps us unravel the myserties collected by our grapes.

M.O.U. with KARNATAKA WINE BOARD(Govt.Of Karnataka Under Taking)

Health Benefits of Drinking wine in Moderation

  • The Polyphenols in red grape skins keeps arteries clean. (The William Harvey Research Institute)
  • Red Grape Skins have Anti-Ageing effects on the Skin. (Harvard Medical School Boston) Wine makes the bones stronger
  • Wine reduces the risk of heart attack, Kills Cancer Cells.
  • Wine Ditches Diabetes.
  • Wine Improves Lung Functioning.